There are many wonderful ways to personalize your wedding ceremony. Allison has performed many unique symbolic ceremonies, all of which have special meaning for the couple being married.

Some suggestions and ideas are as follows:

-Hand Fasting Ceremony: It is an ancient Celtic tradition, Hand-fasting is a symbolic unity ritual in which a couple stands face to face as their hands are tied together, hence, tying the knot! As their hands are bound, words are recited that express their commitment to each another. (More information can be found here: What is a Hand-Fasting Ceremony & How Does it Work? — The Kent Wedding Centre)

Rose Ceremony: In the Rose Ceremony, the Bride and Groom give each other a red rose bud. Two red rose buds are all that is necessary. If you have children involved in the ceremony, you may have a rose for each of them too. The Rose Ceremony is placed near the end of the ceremony just “after” being pronounced husband and wife. It is the exchange of the first gift to one another as a married couple. (More information can be found here: Rose Ceremony (

-Tree planting Ceremony: This is exactly as it seems – the couple will plant a tree while the officiant (or someone else) explains about the significance of the tree and what growing something together, or as a family, means. There are many different ways to incorporate this ceremony and various forms of symbolism that can be explained during the process. (More information can be found here: How To Plan a Tree Planting Unity Ceremony (

Coin, Cord, and Veil Ceremony: Traditionally a Pilipino tradition, there is the exchange of coins, to indicate prosperity and generosity. The attaching of a veil to represent humility, love and protection as well as uniting the two families as one. The Cord represents eternity and unity and binds the couple together. These are all bestowed upon the couple by different sponsors, or important guests and are removed by the same individuals later in the ceremony. (More information can be found here: How To Have A Filipino Candle, Cord & Veil Wedding Ceremony – Sinta & Co. (

-Sand Ceremony: The ceremony can be completed in many different ways. In the simplest of forms, it involves pouring two different colours of sand into one combined, clear, vessel. It is an easy and beautifully symbolic ceremony that can be used for the joining of blended families or a various number of guests/individuals who represent important people in the couple’s lives. (More information can be found here: How a Sand Ceremony Works | HowStuffWorks)

Any one of these, or other symbolic ceremony, can be included into your Wedding Ceremony. Please ask for more details.